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MCTV is our legacy Connected Television/Over-the-Top Television (CTV/OTT) platform that will remain until all accounts are switched to Magnite Streaming. Magnite Streaming heralds a new way of working with CTV and OTT, complementing our portfolio of platforms including DV+, Demand Manager, and Springserve. 

Today, streaming services are watched by more viewers than traditional TV formats. Findings from Magnite’s 2023 Global Streaming TV research show that 83% of TV viewers are watching streaming TV. Selling advertising space in streamed content is key to the success of streaming services that are offered to the public for free, or at low cost.

Our Magnite Help Center is here to help you navigate this new platform, while also providing you with documentation to assist you with the existing MCTV platform prior to your Magnite Streaming migration.

You can look forward to Magnite Streaming bringing together sophisticated end-to-end features within one platform including:

  • Improving the sell-side experience with tools, technology, innovation, and support that deliver a higher impact on usage, usability, and control

  • Intuitive platform interface and streamlined workflows for deal creation and management, simplifying marketplace complexity

  • Comprehensive tools for inventory curation, ad sources, targeting, and deal booking help you maximize the performance and revenue for every available ad -

    • Programmatic Guaranteed

    • Unreserved Deals

    • Private Marketplaces

    • Open Marketplace

  • Leveraging Magnite Streaming technology to monetize more live streaming opportunities with Live Stream Acceleration

  • Multi-faceted audience activation features including seller-defined audiences, secure data matching, and access to more third-party data integrations, with faster, more seamless data ingestion

All that and more…

  • A Demand Facilitation team dedicated to increasing demand and value  

  • Preferred Supply-Side Platform (SSP) partner across agency holding companies, delivering considerate demand for supply path optimization across formats, channels, and buying types

  • Complete video management using Magnite Streaming and SpringServe’s combined streaming-specific services, solutions, and technology

  • Industry-leading brand safety and inventory quality initiatives

  • Answers are at your fingertips with dedicated client service, technical guidance, and training support 

Our legacy SpotX stakeholders will also now enjoy:

  • A more robust Reporting on MCTV compared to SpotX's custom report builder (CRB)

  • An introduction of Hierarchies (versus channels), which are particularly useful for reporting and targeting 

  • Evolved Diagnostics/Troubleshooting tools on MCTV (e.g. Ladles, Creative Review, Diagnostics, etc.)

  • Ad Sources that now house multiple deal IDs with targeting/rate under one place, making reporting and deal creation easier.

For more information on how to navigate and other common questions, please visit the FAQ document (you must be logged in to view).

Thank you and we look forward to enhancing your day-to-day with Magnite!